All about our Audio Services...

About Our Audio Services...


The provision of audio services (PA rentals) is a profession which is more than merely connecting a few pieces of equipment.

Without the knowledge of sound engineering and several years of experience, an event may vary from being a simple success to a HUGE success.

The art of projecting sound is a skill acquired over many years. Each venue has its unique characteristics requiring careful selection of the type of microphones used, the type of speakers, monitoring and amplification all make a difference in attaining a good sound performance.

When using our services, we guarantee the quality of sound clarity to thrill your audience and provide them with an outstanding experience.

Please see our list of equipment below.

Sound Rental

Sales / Installations

Our organisation has successfully sold and installed various sound systems.

Each has been designed specifically for the respective venue ranging from restaurants & bars, conference/meeting rooms, board rooms, and event halls.

We can supply top quality equipment and very realistic prices for the supply of required equipment, and also its installation if needed.

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Our List of Equipment Includes:

Wireless Microphones
Wireless microphones
for vocal and theatre
Analogue Mixers
Range of analogue mixers
Monitoring Systems
Monitoring Systems
(In-ear included)
DJ Equipment
DJ Equipment
Power Amplifiers
Power Amplifiers